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Your Child & Nursery

How to Help Your Child Settle into Nursery
  • Talk to your child. Tell them about the things they will do in the Nursery.
  • Have a positive attitude yourself. Do not pass on any anxieties of your own.
  • Look at books about Nursery with your child.
  • Teach your child to use the toilet independently (sensible clothes will help here).
  • Make sure that your child is accompanied into the Nursery each day. Please see their family group leader before leaving.
  • Give your child encouragement to find their own coat peg and to hang up their own coat.
  • Help your child to register themselves on the appropriate board.
  • Do try to collect your child on time as it can be very distressing for a child to remain when all the others have gone. 

We hope that your child's year with us will provide a strong foundation for their future. Together, in partnership with you as parents, we can work towards giving them a positive start to their education enabling them to fulfil their potential.