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Our School Staff

Meet the Team

Please find below a list of staff you may wish to contact if you have any specific questions or concerns. The school is open between 7:30am and 5:45pm and we would always prefer you to contact the school rather than have an unanswered question at home. Our link books are a useful way of contacting your child’s class teacher. Teachers are also around at the beginning and end of the school day, although if you have a matter that needs some discussion please make an appointment with the office.

Mr S Pearson

Miss L Bayliss
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Chard
Assistant Headteacher

Miss R Tinsley
Nursery Lead

Mrs S Timson
Phase Leader
Foundation Stage

Mrs K Tate
Phase Leader
Years 1 & 2

Miss R WilcoxMiss R Wilcox
Phase Leader
Years 3 & 4

Mr C White
Phase Leader
Years 5 & 6

Mrs K Jones


Teaching Staff

Mrs F Albrighton-James Ms P Henley Mrs S Randle
Miss T Bagshaw Miss K Hinks Miss L Richards
Miss S Barnes Mrs L James Mrs K Tate
Miss L Bell Mrs J Kane Miss H Thomas
Mrs L Booton Mr C Martin Miss V Wheeler
Mr C Brooks Mrs N Moolla Mr B Whetstone
Miss M Coopey Miss H Nelson Mr C White
Mrs C Corbett Mrs V O'Donoghue Miss R Wilcox
Mrs D Deacon Mrs R Patel Mrs K Winn
Mrs K Defreitas Miss H Patterson Mrs L Wright
Mrs C Dolman Mrs M Pearson  
Mrs D Hart Mrs A Petch  


Teaching Assistants

Miss K Benfell Mrs A Gutheridge Mrs K Kitchen
Mrs J Boffin Miss J Hamilton Miss A Mistry
Mrs M Booton Mrs G Hobson Miss E Moore
Mrs H Buckler Mrs A Horton Miss M Peabody
Mrs J Carter Mrs S Jackson Mrs J Peate
Miss B Dewar Mrs S Jackson Miss R Ridley
Miss R Doughty Mrs T Johnstone Mrs L Skelton
Miss F Dunn Miss L Jones Mrs C Staley
Mrs T Edwards Miss R Jordan Mrs H Tomkins
Mrs S Evans Miss F Khalifa Mrs F Vorajee
Mrs A Grainger Mrs N Khalifa Miss N Walker
Mrs A Green Mrs S Kholvadia  
Mrs C Guise Mrs K King  

Support Staff

Admin Staff Site Manager
Mrs M Barkby
Mrs A Fox
Mrs L Dewar - School Business Manager
Mrs J Webb - School Business Manager
Mr A Johnstone
ICT Technician                     Kids Club
Mr T Ryman Mrs S Brown
Mrs L Hull
Family Support Worker Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss E Williams
Mrs K Hall
Miss S Hollyoake