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Staff & Governors

Meet the Team

Please find below a list of staff you may wish to contact if you have any specific questions or concerns. The school is open between 7:30am and 5:45pm and we would always prefer you to contact the school rather than have an unanswered question at home. Our link books are a useful way of contacting your child’s class teacher. Teachers are also around at the beginning and end of the school day, although if you have a matter that needs some discussion please make an appointment with the office.

Mr S Pearson

Miss L Bayliss
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Chard
Assistant Headteacher

Miss R Tinsley
Nursery Lead

Mrs S Timson
Phase Leader
Foundation Stage

Mrs K Tate
Phase Leader
Years 1 & 2

Mrs K WinnMrs K Winn
Phase Leader
Years 3 & 4

Mr C White
Phase Leader
Years 5 & 6

Mrs K Jones


Other Teaching Staff

Mrs F Albrighton-James Ms P Henley Mrs S Randle
Miss T Bagshaw Miss K Hinks Miss L Richards
Miss S Barnes Mrs L James Mrs K Tate
Miss L Bell Mrs J Kane Miss H Thomas
Mrs L Booton Mr C Martin Miss V Wheeler
Mr C Brooks Mrs N Moolla Mr B Whetstone
Miss A Buchanan Miss H Nelson Mr C White
Miss M Burr Mrs V O'Donoghue Miss R Wilcox
Miss M Coopey Mrs R Patel Mrs K Winn
Mrs C Corbett Miss H Patterson Mrs L Wright
Mrs K Defreitas Mrs M Pearson  
Mrs D Hart Mrs A Petch  


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Boffin Mrs G Hobson Mrs J Peate
Mrs M Booton Mrs S Jackson Miss R Ridley
Mrs J Carter Mrs T Johnstone Mrs L Skelton
Miss R Doughty Miss L Jones Mrs C Staley
Mrs T Edwards Miss R Jordan Ms L Stone
Mrs S Evans Mrs N Khalifa Mrs A Sutton
Mrs A Grainger Miss F Khalifa Mrs H Tomkins
Mrs A Green Mrs S Kholvadia Mrs R Vorajee
Mrs C Guise Mrs K King Miss N Walker
Mrs A Gutheridge Miss A Mistry Mrs Y Watson
Miss J Hamilton Miss E Moore  

Support Staff

Admin Staff Site Manager
Mrs M Barkby
Mrs L Dewar - School Business Manager
Mrs J Webb  - School Business Manager
Mr A Johnstone
ICT                                      Kids Club
Mr T Ryman Mrs S Brown
Mrs L Hull
Family Support Worker Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss E Williams
Mrs K Hall
Miss S Hollyoake


Our School Governors


  • Felicity Hubbard - LA Governor - Chair Governor
  • Jo Dobb - Co-opted Governor - Vice Chair Governor
  • Julie Moreton - Co-opted Governor
  • Von Staley - Co-opted Governor
  • John Barr - Co-opted Governor
  • Ian Bonner - Co-opted Governor
  • Saudah Vorajee - Parent Governor
  • Parminder Khaira - Parent Governor
  • Julia Corbett - Parent Governor
  • Simon Pearson - Headteacher
  • Chris White - Co-opted Governor (Staff)
  • Natalie Walker – Staff Governor

School governors share a common belief that children should receive the best possible standard of education. School governing bodies reflect the diversity of the local community.

An effective governing body is a source of enormous strength to the school, and will be increasingly important in helping to deal with major issues such as the expansion of knowledge and resource, the type of change, the implications of faith, race and language and the influence of new technology.

The governing body have four main governors meetings a year, October, December, March and July. In addition there are two sub-committees that meet on a termly basis. The performance and standards sub-committee oversee the WEMPIP (School Improvement Plan), curriculum and community links. The resources sub-committee oversees finance, staffing, accommodation and the Head Teachers Performance Management. The matrix below gives information about each governor.