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Family & Home Visits

Family Visits

When a place is available for your child, you will receive a letter inviting you to visit the Nursery with your child in the summer term. This visit is designed to be a Family Visit  when you and your family can familiarise yourselves with the Nursery staff and environment. The staff will be only too willing to discuss any points of concern or to answer any questions.

Children will be allocated a keyworker on their family visit and it is hoped that during this time, a convenient date and time can be arranged when the Nursery staff might visit you at home.

Home Visits

We are aware that transitions are stressful and believe that the transition from home to school can be eased by blurring the edges through a teacher/parent partnership. Home Visits build upon the principle that parents are a child's first educators and so we believe that a child's early learning can be more easily extended if the teacher's role is grafted onto the parental pattern.

Parents are not under any pressure to sign up for a visit, but the benefits are substantial.

  • Home Visits enable the school to build up relationships with families.
  • Parents can lead the discussion about their child in the security of their own home.
  • We can create a shared commitment to the child's development and his/her individual needs.
  • Home Visits help to build up the child's trust and confidence.

During the Home Visit, the Nursery teacher and the child's parent can complete a personal, confidential form together, exchanging information about the child's needs. Admission groups, visiting dates and times can be confirmed. Also, the child wil be given an 'All About Me' booklet to complete at their leisure before starting Nursery. This helps to give staff an insight into the child's personality and development and also helps to maintain the link between home and Nursery whilst the child is waiting to start properly.