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Our School Governors

  • Mr S Pearson - Headteacher
  • Mr J Barr - Co-opted (Safeguarding Governor)
  • Mr I Bonner - Co-opted (Health and Safety Governor)
  • Dr J Bucknall - Parent
  • Mrs J Dobb - Co-opted (Vice Chair, Chair of Performance and Standards Committee)
  • Mrs Felicity Hubbard - LA (Chair, Chair of Resources)
  • Mr E Khalifa - Parent
  • Mrs H Lockhat - Parent
  • Ms M Maycock - Parent
  • Mrs J Moreton - Co-opted
  • Mrs V Staley - Co-opted
  • Miss N Walker - Staff
  • Mr C White - Staff Co-opted

How Governors are Appointed

  • Parent Governors are appointed by Parent Elections
  • Staff Governors are appointed by Staff Elections
  • LA Governors are appointed by the LA
  • Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body

Performance and Standards Committee

  • Mrs Jo Dobb - Chair    
  • Mr I Bonner    
  • Dr J Bucknall    
  • Mrs H Lockhat    
  • Mr S Pearson    
  • Miss N Walker    
  • Mr C White    

Resources Committee

  • Mrs Felicity Hubbard - Chair
  • Mr J Barr
  • Mr E Khalifa
  • Ms M Maycock
  • Mrs J Moreton
  • Mr S Pearson
  • Mrs V Staley

School governors share a common belief that children should receive the best possible standard of education. School governing bodies reflect the diversity of the local community.

An effective governing body is a source of enormous strength to the school, and will be increasingly important in helping to deal with major issues such as the expansion of knowledge and resource, the type of change, the implications of faith, race and language and the influence of new technology.

The governing body have four main governors meetings a year, October, December, March and July. In addition there are two sub-committees that meet on a termly basis. The performance and standards sub-committee oversee the WEMPIP (School Improvement Plan), curriculum and community links. The resources sub-committee oversees finance, staffing, accommodation and the Head Teachers Performance Management. The matrix below gives information about each governor.