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Anti-Bullying Week​​​​​​​

Next week in school we are reflecting on bullying and why it happens, as part of the National Anti-Bullying Week.

As we always say at Wembrook, we are fortunate that for most of the time, with the vast majority of
pupils, our behaviour is extremely good. However, we also know that on occasion pupils can let themselves down and situations can occur where other pupils can be wronged. In school we will be looking at the difference between bad behaviour and bullying. In brief, bad behaviour is a one off incident, while bullying is something when an individual is repeatedly picking on someone else over a sustained period of time. It is important that we all use the right terminology, so that when bullying is used in the right context it is not diluted by inaccurate use.
Needless to say both bad behaviour nor bullying is ever tolerated at Wembrook!