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Google Glasses

KS2 Children entered a new world of virtual reality!

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all took part in an exclusive session of Google Glasses. Google Expeditions came to visit the school on Thursday to show the children a new way of bringing their lessons to life. Using the Google Expeditions app and the google cardboard glasses the teachers were able to guide the children through a 360 degree 3D journey of their desired topic. The teacher was also able to show the children different points of interest throughout the 3D Journey.

Year 3 discovered all about the Volcanoes around the world, the children were able to see inside a volcano and even saw what happens when a volcano erupts.

Year 4 had a 360 degree 3D view of Buckingham Palace. The children were able to look around Buckingham Palace and learn many interesting facts about the famous building.

Year 5 took a journey into Roald Dahl where they visited Roald Dahl's classroom and discovered a lot of characters from all of his books.

Year 6 took a journey through the Aztec ruins where they explored Mexico's ancient ruins.

You can view photos from the fantastic day by clicking here.