Wembrook Primary School

Welcome to our school website. We hope it is a source of information for all pupils, parents and friends of the school. We also would like to think it is a celebration of our work, and a glimpse, for prospective pupils, parents and visitors, of what Wembrook is all about...

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    Latest News

    • Archery Club

      A selected number of children from Year 2 and Year 3 have attended school for the last 3 Saturdays to learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow.

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    • 30 days in November

      Only 8 classes had more than 97.5% attendance last week and recieved money to go into their Christmas fund.

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    • WBA Coaching

      This week Wembrook pupils took in part in some football coaching sessions led by West Bromwich Albion coaches.

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    • Willow Sculptures

      Many thanks for all the lovely comments about our willow sculptures that were installed last week

      The project,which has taken over a year to complete, is part of a celebration to mark numerous improvemts to the school building over recent years.


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    • Wembrook Carnival

      In the summer term, the whole school focussed on Brazil and carnivals. Rather than just talk about carnivals, Wembrook Primary School decided to do their own.

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